Mike Metro – Crybaby

April 24th, 2014

We ALL know how hard it can be to find a good top line, right? Ads in the white pages….please for help on Facebook…….etc etc

But in true Club Sweat spirit, this stalwart of the Melbourne (cool) club scene, jacked a sample of a baby crying and turned it into one of the hookiest, quirkiest party tech tunes we’ve had the pleasure of releasing, funnily enough, called “Cry Baby.”.

And the b side, “You Don’t Call Me” – another party tech-bomb – may or may not be the pained longings of the vocalist he never called when he didn’t reply to the ad he never placed.

Either way, we’re just paying royalties to Mike and thanking him for the dope tunes

Available now via iTunes

Motez – Promise Me EP

April 24th, 2014

Sydney producer Motez has officially arrived and is here to stay.

We are stoked to bring you his debut Sweat It Out release Promise Me, a two track EP that has announced him as a contender for 2014.

The title track Promise Me, is the best of 90′s house piano perfectly juxtaposed with the drums and wavy chords of bass house, while Body Rock is that garagey bass house vibe that’s rocking clubs right now, but the super interesting, well produced and musical version.

With the likes of Justin MartinClaude VonstrokeGorgon CityJoyce MunizBag Raidersand more all giving it their tick of approval and Disclosure inviting him on tour, its no wonder that blogs and radio shows worldwide are jumping aboard the Motez bandwagon.

Promise Me is avaiable now via iTunes and Beatport.

RÜFÜS – Sundream

April 24th, 2014

My favourite song from my favourite album by my favourite band.

Ok, so you could accuse me of being biased, and I am, but i’m telling the truth here. Sundream is the fourth single to be lifted from the highly acclaimed debut album by RÜFÜS. And like them and everything they do, it’s super slick, yet emotive, dancey, yet dreamy, large but yet somehow small at the same time. It’s as home in the boiler room as it is in the car.

Backed by remixes from Claptone (check that groove), our favourite techno cousins Wordlife and our favourite tall man Hayden James, have all taken the interwebs by storm for obvious reasons.

The brand new video directed by Katzki take kaleidoscope music videos to the next level.

Currently touring the US and Europe, RÜFÜS will home soon to cap off their massive run of dates to bring in 2014.
Tickets available here.

Get your copy via iTunes.

Crooked Colours – Come Down (The Remixes EP)

April 24th, 2014

Team Sweat are proud to bring you our freshest signing, West Coast three piece Crooked Colours.

After gaining wide spread radio and blog support across the country with their 2013 single Come Down, we are proud to present a new remix package and the announcement of their upcoming EP, In Your Bones.

The Perth electronic act brought together the likes of Wordlife, Alison Wonderland, Jesse Rose and our own Yolanda Be Cool for a new remix package that’s sending the interwebs into hysterics.

With In Your Bones set for release in May, the boys will be staying busy jumping on board the RÜFÜS national tour and embarking on their own dates throughout the year.

Keep your ear to the ground and eyes peeled this year for Crooked Colours.

Come Down the Remixes EP available now via iTunes.

Frames – Pacifique EP

April 24th, 2014

If you like coconuts, pineapples, palm trees and sunglasses (or any of these emojis) then you will most likely be a fan of Frames.

His new Pacifique EP channels the best vibes that summer can bring and delivers them in a deep and sexy manner. Teaming up with fellow Sydney beat maker Felix Lloyd for the title track, Pacifique uses polished electronic production in a simple yet elegant fashion, executing an addictive laid back track that sets the tone for the EP.

Overseas and Lunar Lagoon reiterate the deep grooves that Frames is becoming synonymous for, combining subtle hooks with drivey bass and thoughtful electronics.

Whip up a cocktail, recline and enjoy Pacifique, out now via Club Sweat.

Available now via iTunes and Beatport.

Plastic Plates – Nothing Like You EP

April 24th, 2014

He might live in the big apple now, but the Sydney-born Felix Bloxsom aka Plastic Plates, just released his Nothing Like You EP via Club Sweat.

Filled with dripping, sizzling synths, light yet driving beats, and smooth sampling techniques the Nothing Like You EP reaches into the silken realms of deep house, future-R&B, and even lightly touches on techno whilst keeping the groove ultimately locked in, Plastic Plates delivers with his uniquely refined brand of house music.

Stash away the china, all you need this season is Plastic Plates.

Available now via  iTunes and Beatport.

Playmode – Never Let Go EP

April 24th, 2014

Sydney/LA based duo Playmode  have been on the rise following their smash Ultrasonic, with support from Pete Tong to Amine Edge, along with topping the beatport charts with their collab Not Hit Enough with Jesse Rose.

They answer back now with their Never Let Go EP, packing a serious punch with two huge tracks that hold you tight all night.

The A class house of Never Let Go is backed up with the jackin groove of Hypnotic.

With forthcoming Eps on Play It Down and Snatch! and remixes for NurvousPlay it Downand Kling Klong, 2014 is set to be huge for Playmode.

Get in early via iTunes and Beatport and ride this Club Sweat wave all year long.

Indian Summer – Aged Care EP

April 24th, 2014

Melbourne duo Indian Summer have released their Aged Care EP, the follow-up to Foreign Formula which soared throughout 2013.

Bringing the best of (nu-wave) house, tribal and even a lil indie, the new EP features two new offerings that are seriously infectious.

Pin Tweaks is a great track that showcases some excellent synth work and percussion that will thump through your head for days after your first listen, however Aged Care will really drop your jaw.

Aged Care features the fresh vocals of Benjamin Joseph who you may recognise from Canberra group Safia. With some very quick percussion and chopped vocals, the single has a brand new Indian Summer house infused flavour.

Shoot over to iTunes and Beatport to grab a glass of this sweet vino.

Craig Williams – The Saw Throat EP

April 24th, 2014

Hunter S Thompson once said, “The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs.”

But here at Sweat, we like to think (and act differently) and as such, it was with both excitement and angst with which we received the initial email containing what is now this very EP. Excitement because the music was wikkid, very sweat, very now. Angst because it was from Craig Williams, Green Velvet collaborator yes, but more importantly, man of Motorik, a label we share a nice and friendly relationship with and one we didn’t want to step on. A quick call to the Motoroik Vibe Council though and the green light was given – apparently, the music was more “Sweat” than “Motorik,” which I think they meant it was more house than techno.

Either way, The Saw Throat Ep is here on Club Sweat and it’s good. Really good. The title track is a creeper, it sounds deep but play it in the club and you will see – it bangs pretty good too. The b side, 100 MTC is a more reserved but equally effective little guy, it’s like both tracks went to the same gym, but one was training for the heavyweight title and the other, training for the middle weight crown.

Available now via Beatport

Franskild – Clockworks

April 24th, 2014

Norwegian friends Franskild are back with their new single Clockworks, combining dreamy with melancholy like only peeps in that part of the world can.

Influenced by the blissful sounds and magnificence of early eighties house music, 90′s french touch, mid-00′s jackin house and contemporary garage, Clockworks is another reason to jump on board this Scandinavian bandwagon.

Backed with a buffet of remixes from RÜFÜS (Du Sol) maestro Jüan Du Sol, the man of the moment Silversix and dark groove lord Riton, Clockworks takes time and turns it on your head.

Do yourself a favour, swing over to iTunes or Beatport and grab yourself a copy.