Wongo – Hollywood ft Nacho Pop

July 14th, 2015

Welcome to weird featuring our boy Wongo and to quote the master himself  “Well, the beauty with me is, I’m the only one that plays my shit, so if you want to hear it, you have to book me.”

This however, is not so true, with Wongo getting some serious love from industry big dogs Switch, Crookers, Sinden, Christian Martin, Treasure Fingers, Go Freek, Anna Lunoe, Sirus Hood, and even Tommy Trash. 

His latest offering ‘Hollywood’ is not just weird – It’s really really good. The drums are as crisp as they come. The synths – unique as they come. And Nacho Pop is equally out there on vox – recounting tales from Hollywood that make you smile at how right the wrongness is.

On remix duties are lords Astronomar, who believe it or not, out weirds Wongo on his mix with AiNSLEE – wobble tech to the fullest. Up n comer Parakord gives us a very tasty piece of jackin wonk house while our boy Wongo comes back again with my personal fav and what he tongue in cheek but so appropriately calls “the Hollywood Hills Afterparty Edit.”

Grab your copy here!Wongo - Hollywood Artere!!

Lyndon Kid – Charlies EP

July 14th, 2015

Lyndon Kid - Charlies EP

Club Sweat’s main man, Lyndon Kidd, has taken what could be accused of being almost a no go zone sample idea, and rinsed it in so much of the Kidd’s schtick, we let him go there. It’s kinda like when you see couples after they have broken up and all of a sudden they look amazing.

Yeah. This new Lowrider – it’s that recently single cat – new clothes, fresh hair cut, toned down body – almost unrecognizable – ready to do some new damage.

With the first track ‘Low Rider’ on the EP bringing all things good and combining them to be even better this release is sure to get dancefloors moving.

The Second Track ‘At the Drop of a hat” is just as fun and good as it sounds. It actually makes you want to drop what you are doing and start partying.

With support on the music from peeps like Joyce Muniz, Golden Features, Motez, Yolanda Be Cool and Wordlife, as well as dj’ing alongside peeps including Ben Pearce, Andre Crom, Friend Within, MK, Route 94 and Kolombo, and the reality that with each release, he is getting better and better, one thing is certain, you will be hearing more of this Kidd.

Grab yo listen here and your own copy here.

Harris Robotis – ‘Dance All Night EP’

July 8th, 2015

Another week, another killer EP from long standing Sweat certifier Harris Robotis.

Harris Robotis had his first release on Sweat way back in 2008 when he remixed Act Yo Age’s “The Flash.” So, in this day and age, you could almost call him old school. You could certainly say he has been with us since the start.
However his latest EP ‘Run all Night’ he shows no sign of slowing down with bringing out deep and thumping tracks again and again.

A side “Dance All Night” featuring the spoken words of Franke Pharaoh is a call to….yes….u guessed it…………acid wig out stylee to be precise. Warehouse music baby!!!! and EXTRA warehouse vibes on the dub!!!!

AA side “I Got To Know” is some good ol Chicago. Jack for days, one might say.

And there ya have it. The “Dance All night EP”. The beginning of another chapter and a very welcome return of not only one of the most talented dudes out there, but also one of the nicest and most humble.

You can grab the EP from here.
Harris Robotis - Dance All night

Wongo & Cutsnake – ‘Maybe Why Not’.

June 26th, 2015

What happens when you put two former pro surfers and Australia’s very own answer to ‘Switch’ in a studio together?

Well let us tell you that what happens is nothing short of amazing tech vibes from start too finish. Cutsnake & Wongo sent us this little jam a while back and we had a little idea what this track was going to be like. No ‘B-Side’, no Double AA side. Just this single AAA sided wonky tech jam that personifies them to a tea.

With their combined fan base including peeps like Henry Krinkle, Justin Martin, Chris Lake, Wax Motif, Crookers, What So Not, Motez, Astronomar, Switch, TJR andSinden, u know this is going to be good.

Grab your copy here and listen here

 Cutsnake and Wongo - Maybe Why Not

Frames – ‘Step2/What u say’

June 22nd, 2015


Frames is a discerning producer. The man behind the seriously good ‘Late Night Dub‘ remix series steps into the (discerning) main(er) room with Step2. It’s more club than we may be used to from him, but in that tasteful way only a man of class can manage. Deep acid jack house. On the (digital) flip, What U Say is the AA-side, a slice of lush house music that will work on dance floors at any stage of the day or night.

One of the guys to watch in 2015, Frames as toted by Inthemix and huge support from Alex Metric, RÜFÜSMotez, Tensnake, Anna Lunoe, Cassian,Danny T, What So Not and Yolanda Be Cool. 

Grab your copy here and listen here


May 15th, 2015


Its still very early days for Sydney electronic duo Porsches, who snuck out a tune very early this year titled HORSES which very quickly garnered some major acclaim from BBC Radio One, FBi Click, Triple J, Pilerats, Stoney Roads, In The Mix to name a few. The act soon found a home on visionary dance label Sweat It Out! leading HORSES to receive a huge remix package from french DJ/tastemakers Lifelike and Kulkid as well as local dance legends Yolanda Be Cool and Luke Million.

Porsches have recently teamed up with local beat maker Kilter on a new single WANT2, which will be launched live at Vivid Festival. Porsches live show is still currently under wraps, but beyond their June 19 Sydney “Undergound Party” Showcase the duo will be announcing their first tour, bringing the Porsches dancefloor with live band nation wide.

HORSES and the remix package is available now from all good music retailers through Sweat It Out!

WANT2 will be available early June through ETCETC, keep an ear out.

Management: listentoporsches@gmail.com

Label/Press: micktowel@sweatitoutmusic.com

Bookings: jbradfield@wmeentertainment.com

Motez – Vancouver EP

May 14th, 2015

I could try and sell you this EP by telling you how good Motez is. How he’s become a favorite of Disclosure. How he just toured with Destructo round the US.

I could probably get you really excited by telling you this EP is made for the clubs. How it doesn’t have any toplines looking for radio affection. How it’s kinda on the same tip as those initial tunes that slungshot him to the very top tier of house producers, attracting fans along the way such as Eats Everything, Claude Von Stroke, What So Not and Shadow Child.

It might help for you to know that this EP is tried and tested, and goes off. Or that based on the number of trainspotters when both tracks get played, they would be shazam hits (if shazam had any idea what the tracks were).

Or you could not believe any of the above, but follow Annie Mac‘s show and know that last Friday, Tryna Shake It got the worldwide premiere and both tracks got a huge thumbs up from Annie ( as well as early support from Tchami, Disclosure and Justin Martin).

I could drop a cool little bit of sentimental trivia and let you know that Tez added his own flavor with a nod to his original homeland with the use of some traditional Iraqi percussion on Tryna Shake It.

Or I could just be confident that when you take a listen to this EP, you gunna froth harder than a grommet out at 2 foot snapper on a school day (which means a lot).

Much love

Team Sweat

Cassian – Takeover

May 14th, 2015

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Cassian is one of the BEST producers in the game. And I don’t mean on Sweat, or in Aus, i mean, worldwide, his productions stand up tall.

So, when he sends you something and says you could play it out, but it’s just a rough mix, u know it’s probably going to sound amazing. And work. That was Takeover a couple of months ago and the lucky few that got that email have been absolutely smashing it (and it’s been smashing it for them).

Add Everyday to this, add mastering and final mix and you have in your hands the next EP from Cassian. 2 absolute weapons that rock deep rooms as much as they do in bigger rooms.

With support on his last release from peeps such as Motez, Oliver Helden, Alex Metric, Sinden, Aston Shuffle and Go Freek, this one is def not going to lose fans.

Much love

Team Sweat

Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP – Soul Makossa (Money)

May 14th, 2015

Ever drunk Baileys from a shoe? Ever played an African horn house tune after some deep tech?

Ever walked with the devil by the pale moonlight? Ever played 2015 Paradise Garage after some banging future bass?

Ever dated your exes mum? Ever played Cameroon future disco after some indie-nu-disco?

Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP have done half of these things, and each time, their new jammy jam, Soul Makossa (Money), has been the vehicle.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s the money shot and looks set to keep the boys on their roll after their last collab, Sugar Man, went platinum.

And remixes – round one comes with our best bud Sharam Jey who nails it as expected and say whaaat!!! someone call Chicago because Avon Stringer is in the house with their jacking tribute to all things windy city (we see u Mr Carter).

Much love

Team Sweat

Tim Panalley – ‘Mixed Bag’ EP

May 14th, 2015

Remember Tim Panalley, the quiet achiever and the very popular Feels Good EP. Well, he’s back with another dose of the good times, this time with The Mixed Bag EP.

With support from peeps like Plastic Plates, Playmode and Jad & The Ladyboy, it’s easy to see why we so happy to have this man of few words but many skills, releasing tunes on our beloved Club Sweat. Tim teaches ableton so you better believe these tunes sound good. If you have a penchant for feel good funk, hot creations soul and moroder moments, this EP gotchu.

Get on them.

Much love

Club Sweat