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Frames gets tropical with Pacifique EP

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014


If you like coconuts, pineapples, palm trees and sunglasses (or any of these emojis) then you will most likely be a fan of Frames.

His new Pacifique EP channels the best vibes that summer can bring and delivers them in a deep and sexy manner. Teaming up with fellow Sydney beat maker Felix Lloyd for the title track, Pacifique uses polished electronic production in a simple yet elegant fashion, executing an addictive laid back track that sets the tone for the EP.

Overseas and Lunar Lagoon reiterate the deep grooves that Frames is becoming synonymous for, combining subtle hooks with drivey bass and thoughtful electronics.

Whip up a cocktail, recline and enjoy Pacifique, out now via Club Sweat.

Available now via iTunes and Beatport.


Throw away the china, I want Plastic Plates

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014


He might live in the big apple now, but the Sydney-born Felix Bloxsom aka Plastic Plates, just released his Nothing Like You EP via Club Sweat.

Filled with dripping, sizzling synths, light yet driving beats, and smooth sampling techniques the Nothing Like You EP reaches into the silken realms of deep house, future-R&B, and even lightly touches on techno whilst keeping the groove ultimately locked in, Plastic Plates delivers with his uniquely refined brand of house music.

Stash away the china, all you need this season is Plastic Plates.

Available now via  iTunes and Beatport.

Take a moment and pause with Playmode

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Never Let Go packshot,jpg

Sydney/LA based duo Playmode  have been on the rise following their smash Ultrasonic, with support from Pete Tong to Amine Edge, along with topping the beatport charts with their collab Not Hit Enough with Jesse Rose.

They answer back now with their Never Let Go EP, packing a serious punch with two huge tracks that hold you tight all night.

The A class house of Never Let Go is backed up with the jackin groove of Hypnotic.

With forthcoming Eps on Play It Down and Snatch! and remixes for Nurvous, Play it Down and Kling Klong, 2014 is set to be huge for Playmode.

Get in early via iTunes and Beatport and ride this Club Sweat wave all year long.

Silversix spread the love, gets feels in return

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Silversix Love What You Feel (1)

Melbourne house producer Silversix is taking the club charts by storm with his brand new release ‘Love What You Feel’.

As a resident at some of Melbourne’s most popular night clubs, not many can say they have landed a Sunday residency at the world renowned Revolver Upstairs, playing there for over 4 years now.

We are extremely proud to have this out on Club Sweat and to warmly welcome Revolver resident and all round good guy Silversix to the Club Sweat family.

Spread the love by heading over to iTunes or Beatport and grabbing your copy now.

Cassian drops ‘8 Voices’ EP on Club Sweat; rides the vibe around the country

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Cassian 8 Voices

Let’s face it: we’ve all had our eye on Cassian for a while now.

The Sydney boy with that haircut. The mixing engineer with that growing catalogue (namecheck: Banks, Classixx, Hayden James, etc). The producer with those chops – Cassian, we’ve had our eye on you for some time now.

So it’s with great pleasure that we are proud to present to you Cassian’s brand new ‘8 Voices‘ EP on Club Sweat – straight from us to you, you to dance floor bliss.

Featuring two steamy tracks of sweaty house music stewed to perfection, the 8 Voices EP is right at home on our deeper, afer-dark focussed sub-label Club Sweat.

Check the preview below, then head over to Beatport or iTunes and grab it now!

Cass is also on tour to celebrate – come catch a vibe at one of the numerous country-wide shows below:

cassian 8v tour

Frames – Slow [Club Sweat]

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Club Sweat has been laying dormant for a little while now. Not because we haven’t had good enough music to put out, and not because we’ve been neglecting it. It’s because we’ve been waiting for something to really shine above the rest; something that represents what Club Sweat is at it’s very core.

This no nonsense, no frills subsidiary label of Sweat It Out was created as an avenue for us to release music we love without an agenda. No radio play? No online budget? // No problems! Great music stands out above all else.

Cue our boy Frames. Not only is he a seriously talented producer, but also toured the US of A, presented on FBI, and played every noteworthy festival in the country; all the while building his presence and clocking over 100K plays on Soundcloud.

Slow‘ is both a throwback and a throw forward. It will remind you of the 2003 version by pop princess Kylie, but it is not like that version. For starters, it’s slower, warmer and cooler (yes, that’s possible) – but more to the point it’s very much equipped to succeed in the world it is set to inhabit. Did someone say slo-mo house?

On remix duties is local Sydney beat-maker Moonbase Commander who takes slow, re-pitches it some more and warps it into the depths of outerspace – well, we like it here.

This über cool record alone isn’t enough to get you going? Did we mention the smouldering, pelvis-heavy and sweaty video clip to accompany the track? What about the smooth, downtempo mixtape Frames has also whipped up a for your listening pleasure? Check out all of the above, below.

Get your clicking finger ready and waltz it over to either Beatport or iTunes and grab Slow now. Hot!

Frames – Slow

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Club Sweat is our walk on the wonkier, deeper side of club music and we’re happy to present to you our latest signing from Sydney-based house enthusiast, Frames.

With a churning moog bassline, low-bpm and familiar vocal line ‘Slow’ is guaranteed to smoulder in any room with dim lighting and a low ceiling. Top it off with a pitched down flip from local beat manipulater Moonbase Commander and we’re confident no matter the situation we’ve got you covered.

Out now on Beatport & iTunes.


Monday, August 27th, 2012


Douster – “Cool!”

Danny T – “Dan Castro… you freakin legend!!!”

Rogerseventytwo – “nice!”

Sinden – “The Revelation of john is vicious. Love That!”

Graz – “sick release. fav is the mayavanya thang!”



armand loves CLUB SWEAT – VOLUME 3

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

12 am; Okay you at a mexicana themed party, but its with a twist. Its kinda edgy but still real fun, the pinatas are being belted with inflatable sabres (so you are not really getting anywhere) , there is a tattooist in the corner repping vato styles not Henna and the salt on your Margarita is definitely smoked. You are looking way too cowboy (Vaquero) for the steaming damp and mosquitos and even though someone has stolen your hat you keep dancing.

The Track? Me Gusta by Northie, a bristling, dull busting slice of latino house thats got the the lantern stacked dancefloor grindin

2 am ; You think your pretty drunk, by now your waistcoat with plastic bullets criss-crossing your suspiciously hairless chest is lost , pretty much the way you feel. Its now becoming apparent that you are not that drunk but actually wonky on mickey fins and spanish fly, they have been landing in your drink every-time your head turns and catches a pretty sight! Without warning you trip and slip on someone’s spilt drink whilst attempting a secretary spin and fall off the balustrade into the marsh below the elevated wooden dancefloor. Things get real swampy real fast ! Slipping and tripping, previous dancing partners are replaced by amphibians and insects darting through the night and your loving it. You journey farther from the party to a new swamp jam.

The track? Neidridge by Wolfie, swamp tech funk meets mosquito house, perfect marshland mayhem

4am You have become legend. Rumours of your one man swamp party have hit the wannabe mexicans on dry ground, as have the rumours that your now more amphibian than Vaquero ( in reality its just because your naked and covered in mud and water lillies). You are soon joined in your crazed daze by more humans wanting to evolve (in reality get the gear off and roll around in the marsh) and the swamp rejoices by heralding the arrival of more crazies

The track? Kaboo by Bongo.


Armand Van Helden – 5/5

Favourite Track: Northie – Me Gusta


Oh Snap! – 5/5

Favourite Track: Kaboo – Bongo

“Fukkkkkin Kaboooom! Sooooo siiiiick!”

Scottie B – 4/5

Favourite Track: Kaboo – Bongo

“all dope,but 2 and 3 especially”

Dangerous Dan – 4/5

Favourite Track: Wolfie – Niedrige

“jaxxy you are such a good writer, tunes are dope too, love the cover, all in all win !”

Deacon Rose (Triple J) – 4/5

Favourite Track: Northie – Me Gusta

“Me Gusta is a genuine pants banger!!! Will play this for sure.”

Brodinksi – 4/5

Favourite Track: Wolfie – Niedrige

“YES! wolfie killed it on this one! big up!”

Beataucue – 3/5

Favourite Track: Kaboo – Bongo

“Roll in the marsh!”

Jaymo (Radio 1) – 4/5

Favourite Track: Wolfie – Niedrige

“Niedridge is my fave ting – gonna make a wicked club tool”

Thomas Von Party – 4/5

Favourite: Kaboo – Bongo

“Slow down with the #1 dance hits, Jaxy! great cover too…”

Them Jeans – 4/5

Favourite Track: Northie – Me Gusta

“Great release! mosquito house is my new favorite genre”

Malente – 3/5

Favourite Track: Northie – Me Gusta


Coming soon to Beatport!

Club Sweat 3

Friday, March 4th, 2011