AC Slater – Sidewinder / Little Chronic EP

SWEATDS042Dear God

I know alot of people probably pray to you for peace on earth and all. And i certainly appreciate that death and destruction is not very cool. But unfortunately if we have no war then weaponry will most certainly not exist. As one of your biggest fans I know that in your infinite power you kinda like weapons too as they can be pretty cool, particularly the shit (oops sorry forgive me) out of the United States at the moment. I know you must have had a hand in it., the sidewinder is genius!

Could you also please stop making dj promos called dj weapons as its really confusing people.

And can you make AC Slater tour Australia, you probably know him already but he is from Brooklyn New York, he runs Party Like Us Records and he is king of ravehallbootygrimetech. With enough wobble to wipe obesity of the map, hes really doing you a big favour. Anyway i think you know him, i saw u took your shirt , well it was a robe, off to him at the Ultra Music fest in the states.

And make Sweat It Out stop releasing soft stuff.

Loving the beard too its very hipster.

I know i have been a bit of a bad ass of late but if you do this for me i will turn it all around.