Adapt or Die – Movin’ Non Stop

Movin Non Stop, could be accused of being onomatopoeic, twisting and turning as it does at almost every corner. Underpinned by some seriously funked up drums (would you expect less when one half of this powerhouse is the drummer for the Swiss and Empire of the Sun nonetheless), the track is equally complimented by both a rolling bass and some gnarlier bass and piano stabs that give us that throwback sound we know and love from these guys, all tied together by vocal samples urging us to do what it says on the packet.

Show No Mercy, yes the “b side’s” name, well…….i guess it’s kinda like adding that yep, all your grand kids will all be born in Palestine. Come say hi some day. But seriously, this tune rocks from start to finish, incessant techno funk.

No remixes. No “big name” collabs. No. It is what it is. Adapt or Die. If these tunes don’t start your party, maybe you ain’t at one.

Available now via iTunes.