Indian Summer

Some expressions fall into our everyday vernacular quite easily, while others come and go. In the words of Alicia Silverstone, sporadically. According to the internet, the expression ‘Indian Summer’ has been used for more than 2 centuries and in short, is a heat-wave that occurs in Autumn. The Indian Summer we are now talking about is way more exciting than a heat-wave in Autumn. Already becoming festival favourites for their genre-hopping sets, this new entry into your vocabulary is also the name of one of the hottest components of the Sweat It Out family. With five huge releases behind them: Foreign Formula, No Use, Aged Care, Shiner and most recently Loveweights; the bar has been raised very high and the stage is set.

Back track a little to May 2013 when Sweat It Out released the first EP from Gabe and Chevy. Little known as they were, they quickly impressed with some killer remixes, tidy mixtapes and an all round go getter attitude. Fast forward to today, they have now scored 2 Hype Machine chart number 1’s and online plays in the millions (not to mention having toured all over Australia / New Zealand and the United States).

They write ballads and club jams alike, carving out a uniqueness in their production that sets them apart. Call it beautiful, emotional, chilling, forward thinking club music spattered with experimental tendencies and flexing equal parts beauty, brains and brawn.

File Indian Summer under expressions you will use a lot more from now on.