MOLI crafts music with youthful tones and an honest aesthetic. The Belgian-born singer-songwriter with British roots inhabits an environment of her own, effortlessly shapeshifting with each and every one of her glowing constellations.

From her solo debut single "Didn't Mean To", described as “breaking apart the ambiguities of modern romance” by The Line of Best Fit, it was clear that MOLI was no one-hit-wonder. After already garnering attention with her vocals featuring on German producer Fabich’s soulful single “What I Wanted” and EDM-duo Two Lanes’ dancefloor filler “Let Me Go”, MOLI was ready to declare independence and take centre stage. Following the release of her debut EP Résumé in 2018, praised by the likes of Clash Magazine who called it “Bright, vivid, neon-lit pop music, each song makes a deep and lasting impression, with an astute lyrical touch that seems to nail each topic”, MOLI showed no signs of slowing down by releasing instant hits "Nowhere" and “Lonely Nights” just a few months later. By early 2019, MOLI took to London and met producer Chris Zane, known for his work with Passion Pit, Friendly Fires, Bat for Lashes and Chloe Howl. With the two forming a natural musical bond, MOLI’s writing evolved and paved the way for a fresh collection of work: "Talking In Emotions", “On the Weekend" and “Something I Said”. MOLI has been featured worldwide by tastemakers such as Paper, Wonderland, Girls Are Awesome, Majestic Casual and Complex.