Taking a step around the current state of electronic music, Polographia keep it simple with a natural approach. A live setup comprised of guitar, synthesiser and drum kit finds that perfect balance of warm ups, peaks and unwinds all rolled into one.

Polographia’s nostalgic approach takes the royal jelly of times past and pushes it into tomorrow, threading together an array of emotion with the skill of much older musicians. Heart-warmingly sombre, the intricacies of the this Sydney duo’s music is reaching international ears at an exponential rate, thanks to ongoing support from artists like RUFUS, Knxwledge and Bondax.

Polographia burst onto the scene with the release of their Sunsets EP in 2011, and in a few short years have managed to cultivate a sound that is unique as it is immersive. This year marks the release of the much anticipated follow up to their debut release, a five-track EP entitled Natural. A beautiful lush musical landscape, the dreamy duo has always maintained a natural sound, reflecting in both the title of the EP and the surreal and blissful sounds within it. As well as recently joining the likes of Yolanda Be Cool, Rufus, What So Not and more amazing talents in signing to Sydney-based label Sweat it Out, this year is set to be a big one for Polographia.