For Australian singer/songwriter Benjamin Yates, it all started with a bit of personal experimentation and has rapidly evolved into a sound that's all his own. As the mastermind behind the genre that blogs have deemed "SOUP” (a heartwarming mixture of Soul+Pop) music, Yates began making his mark in late 2014 with a number of self-released tracks that showcase a mixture of genres, live instrumentation, electronic elements and most importantly, his soothing velvety vocals. In the short span of one year, he gained radio support from leading tastemakers KCRW (USA) and Triple J (Australia) and subsequently signed his first record deal with the reputable Australian-based label, Sweat it Out. Call it soul, call it pop, call it buttery smooth electronic R&B, but the music will always speak for itself. Keep your ears open for Yates' debut EP and the First Chapter of his musical series entitled “Mercury,” due Fall 2015.