Benson – ‘Hot Mess’ feat. Lex Famous

The sweat crew have known young Benson for quite a while, but not as long as the late and great AJAX. It turns out, they met one night in Terrigal way back in 2008. Jax was the superstar guest dj and Benson, the local guy with a demo. But better than just giving his demo to Jax, he got a lift home with him. The ride was full of advice and tips, tips Benson took on board to the fullest extent.

Fast forward a few years, and Jax had been playing some (now Melbourne based) Benson bootlegs but hand’t put 2 and 2 together that it was the same Benson from Terrigal. This led to some Sweat (Jaxxy) commissioned remixes for the young boy and in a huge nod to Benson’s development, the guys collabbed on a remix of Yolanda Be Cool’s Love Keeps.

AJAX was famous for recognizing talent early and 6 years after giving Benson a lift home, I feel he would be very, very stoked to be releasing a Benson original on his imprint. And Benson should be proud of Hot Mess. It’s wonky. It’s swampy. And yet somehow, kinda poppy. And Lex Famous kills it on vox.

Hope u guys dig as much as we do.

Out now on iTunes!