Cassian – 8 Voices EP

You know the hot girl you’ve grown up with but never been with. U’ve partied with her, some of your friends have been with her, she’s done some amazing things, and all the while, you’ve hoped that one day you could have a slice.

Cassian‘s kinda like that girl. Us here at sweat it out have always had a jealous eye over him, always trying to dress well in front of him and hope that one day, we’d be cool enough to get some Cassian action on our release schedule.

Well, today is the day that we welcome him to the sweat family with the 8 voices ep on club sweat.

As you’d expect from a guy that’s been supported by house royalty such as Mk, Damian Lazarus and zombie disco squad, this is a double “a” side of super well produced, emotional club cuts That we are very chuffed to be putting out.

Finally, the girl’s given it up.

Available now via iTunes.