Cassian – Feel It

I remember when I was in year 7 and there was this guy in year 11 who was already the fastest guy in the school. He was also the fastest guy in the state. The downside was, he wasn’t very smart, he was kinda ugly, not very cool and basically not that good at anything else (tho he was a nice guy). But i remember thinking it must have been some kind of pay off – you can’t be that fast – and also be intelligent, attractive and cool. At the time, I was down for that kinda pay off if i could be the fastest guy in the state.

When I listen to music made by Cassian – i think wow – to be THIS good at music – there must be some kinda pay off. Like, you know – some kinda social awkwardness or skin problem or at least be short. But no, our boy Cass is tall, smart, cool and handsome – AND makes music like his new single “Feel It” – production so tight that u can feel the bass on your lap top speakers.

“Feel It” is one of those tunes that grows and grows and grows and even by half way through the first break, the dance floor is hooked, kinda like watching the guy in lane one take all the outside lanes in a 200 metre race before the bend (what old mate used to do.) U just know it’s a winner.

He’s mixed down tunes for peeps such as Banks, Jagwar Ma, RÜFÜS (nod recent ARIA nomination), Hayden James (nod recent ARIA nomination), Classix, Bag Raiders, his recent remix for Dom Dolla & Go Freek went to no 1 on the ARIA club chart and recent support from peeps such as Aeroplane, MK, Motez, Oliver Helden, Alex Metric, Sinden and Aston Shuffle so let’s just KNOW the boy got skillz.

OK – so maybe his attention to detail (which comes across so well in his music) does sway over to his personality – aka asking for promo plans before tracks are finished – but hey – if that’s the pay-off, sign me up!!!!