Crooked Colours – ‘Capricious’ Remixes

“I’m a DJ. I play dance music.”

“Yeah, I know, but don’t you sometimes want to just LISTEN and appreciate music. You know, just close your eyes and absorb a story told by one of Australia’s most exciting bands in a way that’s both dark and haunting, yet compelling and edgy.”

If you answered yes, the original version of Capricious, by Crooked Colours, is one for you. It makes us very proud.

If you answered no, and just want to rock a floor, worry not because we got you too with mixes from future beat maker and rising star Akouo, wobble wonk tech maestro Benson with what we feel may be his best yet and last but not least, some tropical trap funk by the Gold Coast’s Paces.

After a huge national tour and a triple j add for Capricious following off the back of their break out single Come Down and In Your Bones, there can be no doubting that our Perth boys are on the up. And if you’ve been to one of their shows, you would know peeps dance to Capricious anyway silly.

Get the full Remix package on iTunes.