Crooked Colours – Step (Remixes)

As we all know, when you’re a DJ you have the luxury of playing everyone else’s tunes. Sure, you may make tunes yourself, and try to slot them in as much as possible, but if they don’t work, stress less – you can just play other people’s tunes that DO work.

It’s not like that for bands. They have to play all their own songs. And if they are testing out new ones and the crowd’s not vibing, it’s not like they can mix out half way and head to a tested favorite. They just have to suck for the length of the song and hope the next one works.

Luckily for Crooked Colours“Step” their latest single, WORKS. I’ve seen it first hand, both in Aus and in the states here they just completed their first (very successful) tour, and even though people are hearing it for the first time, it goes off. It’s got that classic sound with the brooding vocals of front man Phil Slabber taking it to the darkness of the boys electronica. This has been on repeat in the sweat office for weeks……

Remix pack comes PACKED with Goodness. First up is LO’99 who nails that hipster bass house vibe, Wollymammoth & Tsurudatake brooding to the next level, Wongo gets housey weird as only our boy knows how and newcomer Ilhaus gives it some club jack.

As Crooked Colours get ready to “step” up to album release, get on this.