Franskild – Majestic Mountain

Franskild – Majestic MountainFranskild are from Sweden. They have been in the game for a while but this is their first outing under this guise. We haven’t met them; but their press shots are cool. Their mixtape is even cooler.

The music? Playful and haunting. Beautiful and unsettling. For the club and for home. For that time late at night between the two.

We’re not sure if Majestic Mountain is an actual place in Sweden but it sounds like a pretty fucking cool place all the same. A place where you might fall in love, dance and break up all in one night.

If it was emotional getting to Majestic Mountain than the B side, Homage, is here to take us home. We dont want to say euphoric, but have you seen how happy they get when the sun comes out in Scandinavia? The sun is certainly coming out on this one.

Two sterling tracks from an exciting new artist – and available now on iTunes.