Go Freek – How Long

Soothsayer; one who claims to be able to foretell events or predict the future (usually on the basis of special knowledge).

Now, I’m no soothsayer, but i do have special knowledge and you know what, i’m going to use it and i’m going to make some predictions.

And in it i see GO FREEK. Up in lights. Smashing clubs, the charts, themselves, world tours, huge remixes, massive releases. I see a BIG year for them, this 15th year of the 21st century.

But what is this special knowledge that gives me this foresight? Well, for starters, this very single on promo HOW LONG. This is Gutter Tech 2015 people, the genre that was created by and for these boys just got an update. And it’s weirder and whackier than ever but with a new lil kicker. Courtesy of the pretty chords and vox stabs..it can still hang out on dance floors that may be at times scared by the freek that is Rus and Caleb. So go on…….let some gutter tech in….

Oh…and we got remixes 🙂

AC Slater (is this his best work yet???), Dirty Bird bad boy Aaron Snapes, Club Sweat legends Boot Action and homie LO99 all drop some love on this release.

And this is just the first unleashing from our boys for the year. MUCH more to come. I see the future and it’s bright. But I’m just not sure if I need to cancel my appointment with the psychic?