Harris Robotis – Dance All Night EP

Another week, another killer EP from long standing Sweat certifier Harris Robotis.

Harris Robotis had his first release on Sweat way back in 2008 when he remixed Act Yo Age’s “The Flash.” So, in this day and age, you could almost call him old school. You could certainly say he has been with us since the start.
However his latest EP ‘Run all Night’ he shows no sign of slowing down with bringing out deep and thumping tracks again and again.

A side “Dance All Night” featuring the spoken words of Franke Pharaoh is a call to….yes….u guessed it…………acid wig out stylee to be precise. Warehouse music baby!!!! and EXTRA warehouse vibes on the dub!!!!

AA side “I Got To Know” is some good ol Chicago. Jack for days, one might say.

And there ya have it. The “Dance All night EP”. The beginning of another chapter and a very welcome return of not only one of the most talented dudes out there, but also one of the nicest and most humble.

You can grab the EP from here.