Harris Robotis – Hot For You EP

Harris Robotis – Hot For You EPDear Mr Robotis

We received and processed your application and unfortunately we could not allocate you the ten million dollars from a magnate (Mr Xaja) in Nigeria who randomly wanted to bequeath you his whole estate for no reason whatsoever.

The good news is Mr Xaja played your new ep (all three tracks, HOT FOR YOU, ROCKET TO ROCK and WHEN I LOOK AT YOU) at his very popular club on saturday night and he wanted to express how super brilliant it was. I believe in your country certain buzz words like like house and disco may be used although in my country we call it dancing music. He certainly got very sweaty to it as did his wives. He would certainly like to travel to Melbourne Australia and thank you in person but has problems as he will finds it a little hard to travel.

He is happy therefore to refund you the 20000 Aud you deposited in his account some years ago and stresses not to open or respond to emails coming from our beautiful land and stresses he was the last of any magnates..

Thanking you once again for your dancing music, and how good it made Mr Xaja feel

Mr Mugutu