Harris Robotis – Luv Me Wrong EP

Harris Robotis – Luv Me Wrong EPWe all love a bit of acid house but have you ever really tried playing the old stuff in a club. It sounds like a rat yawning through a tin can whilst tapping his mangled claw on the lid, Its just truly annoying. You want that lush nostalgic side to side daisy chain beat but those old phonographs just aint cuttin it! Well don’t bother dustin off those dusties, and getting down to pure psuedoephadrine . We at sweat have a fantastic one time offer that will knock your flip top glasses right off! You wanna look real cool whilst dancing but still be in the know, well look no further. Best thing is its new !

We at Sweat are very proud to present The Love Me Wrong Ep from our favourite Renaissance figurine Harris Robotis! It dices and slices and turns carrots into cute little ziggurats (the carrot being you). Yes its reminiscent of a hazy past, but its every superlative of fresh and updated you could think of. It sounds better, has more ketamine in it (only for horses back then) and its so stokingly great dance music you just want to eat it all night long! You dont describe food whilst eating it so i am not going to go on about acid piano’s and 808’s ! Just try it for yourself!