Hickup – Mitzvah

Silver lining???!!! Damn If this track was on soundcloud it would have some serious platinum action! I would imagine some of the chronological commentary would probably sound a lil sumpin like this

0.15 Killer drums and tight ass production, lovin the bongo click house

1.00 Oh jack me with you castanets bad boy ! But then you clarinet me and I am in heaven! sweet

1.30 Seriously awesome groove and those white noise washes are right on the money

(then at about 2.30 the tracks commentary box would be inundated with a barrage of singing praises and jocks demanding downloadable action…poor Hickups inbox would be reduced to tatters after an avalanche of requests for the track…sure it pulsey deep balkan bounce but its a smoker!)

2.30 WHOAA i love this ! shakin my ass
2.31 Damn nearly enough to make me move to Israel (the west bank)!
2.32 Damn if only my Bah Mitzvah sounded as good as this…
2.33 Who’s got a Mohel’s number? I am ready to get snipped
2.34 I dont believe in god but i in some kinda house heaven !!!!!!!!!
2.34 The lil vocal stabs are genius
2.35 Whats your number? I wanna celebrate my manhood with you

(it would go on like this etc etc etc and i could go like this etc etc…quite simply this track is real bomb)