Illhaus – Night

Not going to lie. We get sent a lot of demos. And sometimes we have to say no to a lot of artists. Sometimes it’s because we simply don’t have any room. And sometimes, it’s because their tunes just aren’t that good.

But then, every now and again…….we come across a demo that is by an unknown and yes – we are full and yes – their social media profiles aren’t going to help the pitch BUT…nevertheless…. we just gotta sign it.

When Illhaus sent us NIGHT – and then followed it with NEVER ENOUGH – we had to have them. Like that time you go for your third round of desert, even when u know you shouldn’t.

So here it is. The Night EP (including remix of Night by Jump Ship and of Never Enough by Dirty Bird’s Rod Fussy).

He may only have 242 likes on Facebook currently, but we reckon this is set to change pretty quickly (if u like the ep as much as us..go and give him a like