Indian Summer – Late Night EP

Laurels. A ring of leaves worn on the head in ancient times as a symbol of victory.

To rest on one’s laurels, therefore, is to rely on one’s past achievements instead of working to maintain or advance one’s status or reputation.

Indian Summer HAVE NOT rested on their laurels this past year. After being named in MTV’s Top 10 Australian producers, seeing their single Shiner go to #1 on Hype Machine (not once but TWICE), and having their tunes clock up close to 10 million plays across soundcloud, youtube and Spotify, rather than take the gigs and the money, the guys decided to take the greater part of 2015 off to seriously put their heads DOWN. They spent time writing, honing their production craft, immersed themselves in writer’s camps and what have you – not to maintain their skills – but to take them to the next level.

Watch this lil video to see what the lads have been up to.

Indian Summer may have studio tans these days, but boy have they got skills. Oh – and an absolute armory of radio hits ready to drop throughout 2016 that we are confident will blow people away.

Before all of that however is THE LATE NIGHT EP, which you could confidently say is the boys’ welcome back to the clubs. YES – they write radio hits, but first and foremost they are DJs, and damn good ones at that.

This is the DJ in them – unleashing what they want to hear (and play) in the clubs.

In one word – these 4 tunes are TIGHT!!!

Welcome back Indian Summer!!!