Indian Summer – ‘Loveweights’ ft. Shaqdi + Remixes

 Loveweights feat Shaqdi is everything we love about the guys. It’s beautiful, emotional, chilling, forward thinking music smothered in pop sensibilities and experimental tendencies BUT it still maintains that grunt club kids can get down to. It flexes equal parts beauty, brains and brawn and is set to spend equal amounts of time on car stereos, club systems and morning walks.

We’re clearly very excited to present ‘Loveweights’ ft. Shaqdi …
And the remixes from Houston’s Ape Drums, New York via Sydney’s Plastic Plates and San Fran Dirty Bird mainstay Worthy.

Oh – and because the boys drip talent and sweat amazingness, they gone done a b side which is some sick club shiz but still manages to show off that musicality and vibe we love them for.

Really hope you enjoy this EP as much as we are excited to share it.

A-Side & B-Side of goods on iTunes now!