Indian Summer – ‘Shiner’ EP

When we got an email from Indian Summer headed “Shiner”, upon listening, our hasty response was essentially “Wtf have u sampled to come up with this gem?” But their response… good…..”No, nothing. It’s all original. No samples. Its Ginger and the Ghost on vox.”

“Fuck yeah” we said, “this is some next level shiz.” And it is. A pearl amongst soundalikes and try hard hopefuls, this is the future club sounds of Indian Summer wrapped in a bubble that could be accused of being pop, but only because it’s destined to be pop-ular!!! Already becoming festival favorites for their genre-hopping sets and besuited antics, Shiner and it’s b side brother ‘Palm Kings’ are set to take our boys to new heights. Jump on. It’s summer time all year where they at.

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