Jad & The Ladyboy – On Guard

If you look up heavenly house in wikipedia, the first thing that comes up is a discussion of how velvety smooth, soothing, effortless, and expertly polished such music is. The second thing is an example. And that example be On Guard feat Blair De Milo by the angelic darling(s) of the Sunshine coast, Jad & The Ladyboy.

Or could it just be that when i listen to this celestial slice of holy house, I imagine myself on a clouded (see what i did there) dance floor, eyes closed, with angels fanning me as I sip a watermelon cocktail and receive a thousand head massages?

Either way, this is silk for zee ears.

But wait, Cut Snake, not satisfied with dropping Jungle Shrimp earlier in the week, drop what could be described as the Happy Jungle Shrimp mix, Vhyce goes for the late night crowd, Charles Murdoch gives Jad’s silk some rough electronica edges, Jawgoh gets a lil techno and we round this pack off with a very classy dub.

I could tell you about all the cool labels Jad releases on, like Exploited or Retrofit or Toy Tonics, or you could just put your trust in sweat, for heaven’s sake 😉