James Curd – The Chicago Madrigal EP

It’s pretty much a truism to say that you will do your best when you do what you love.

Applied to music – u can be a great producer and make pretty damn good music in a genre you hate. Happens a lot unfortunately. But take the same producer and get them to make what they truly love, the results will speak for themselves.

Meet James curd – a seriously talented producer and equally gifted musician. And meet his CHICAGO MADRIGAL EP. This is James absolutely doing what he loves.

When he called us and told us he was going back to his Chicago roots, hearing the passion in his voice was enough to know this would be special.

With a plethora of releases to come on Club Sweat, Exploited, Derrick Carter’s Classicand Lee Foss new label Repopulate Mars, the new (old) James is one we are very very excited to be working with.