Katie Drover – The Broccoli Must Die EP

“Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread.”

Katie Drover is no fool and while her EP curiously titled “The Broccoli Must Die” on Club Sweat may be her very first release, it’s not her first rodeo. She is what one might call a “main stay” on the Melbourne underground house scene with appearances on the reg at the cities coolest late nite spots, such as Tramp, OneSixOne and Revolver not to mention all the big festivals.

I reckon she’s probably made 100 tunes before this EP, but when your taste is impeccable, you are a harsh critic on your own creations, i.e. you do not rush in. So, when Katie sent us this EP, we knew how good it would be.

While some may question her ability to name tracks, when it comes to underground house, Katie got zee skills.

So big ups to Broccoli and Toast, they coming to a dance floor near you soon.