Kyle Watson – Cymbals EP

This isn’t about magnesium tablets and their benefits. If it were, I would go on about how they help with circulation. Prevent diabetes. Give health to bones. The heart. Nerve functions. Help with sleep.
No – this is about these really vivid dreams I’ve been having. Like just last night i dreamt that EDM was dead. Generic builds, breaks and drops. Gone. Over paid knob twiddlers, unemployed. Pretentious jet setters, on the train.

Replaced by a wall of sound with difference. Where each track had its own schtick. Producers were inventive, not derivative. Creative not crap. Where promoters talked about the epic warm up from last night, not how hot the chicks were.

A world where the ghetto funk of tunes like “Cymbal Play” and “Ghostrider” were the norm and not outstanding.

But then I woke up and realized magnesium tablets give u whacky dreams.

So long live Kyle Watson. For he is truly a man from that “dream land” and his EP on Club Sweat is testament to good ol jackin club music!

And we love it.

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