Life Less Ordinary – A New Day

Imagine how good (and how timeless) a record must be when you honestly pester the artist every 3-6 months for not one, not two, not three, but four whole years telling them how much you love it and how badly you want to sign it!!!!

Well..this is THAT record. And it’s THAT GOOD. After 4 years of begging, and countless emails going back and forth over stuff like why our digital label can’t really do a vinyl only release…here it is….. 8 minutes 30 of 116 bpm BLISS!!!!!

Close your eyes and listen to what may be the tightest record you hear this year!!!! “A New Day” by A LIFE LESS ORDINARY – an instant classic by 2 producers that since making the tune 4 years ago, may have gone on to bigger solo projects (shame i can’t tell you what they are), lucky for us, we have their blessing to put out what could surely soundtrack a magic carpet ride around heaven.

Grab it here!