Lyndon Kidd – Charlies EP

Club Sweat’s main man, Lyndon Kidd, has taken what could be accused of being almost a no go zone sample idea, and rinsed it in so much of the Kidd’s schtick, we let him go there. It’s kinda like when you see couples after they have broken up and all of a sudden they look amazing.

Yeah. This new Lowrider – it’s that recently single cat – new clothes, fresh hair cut, toned down body – almost unrecognizable – ready to do some new damage.

With the first track ‘Low Rider’ on the EP bringing all things good and combining them to be even better this release is sure to get dancefloors moving.

The Second Track ‘At the Drop of a hat” is just as fun and good as it sounds. It actually makes you want to drop what you are doing and start partying.

With support on the music from peeps like Joyce Muniz, Golden Features, Motez, Yolanda Be Cool and Wordlife, as well as dj’ing alongside peeps including Ben Pearce, Andre Crom, Friend Within, MK, Route 94 and Kolombo, and the reality that with each release, he is getting better and better, one thing is certain, you will be hearing more of this Kidd.

Grab yo listen here and your own copy here.