Mason & Moonbootica – My Love

They say good things happen in threes.

1. Mason & Moonbootica (who should need no introduction) decided to get together to write some tunes.

2. They generously chose to send them to good ol Sweat headquarters.

3. We signed them and here is the spiel.

Other things of note.

1. I kinda think “My Love” could be a hit. It’s got that instant thing hits have.
2. Mason is a dutch legend.
3.Moonbootica are German legends.
4. Both have been rocking clubs at home and abroad for a long time now.
5. There are 2 more tunes on the EP. “Nightingale” and “Action” and they both dope too.
6. Summer ended in Aus on Saturday…but that only means things are heating up in Europe and America.