Mason & Yolanda Be Cool – Xylophobia

If i were to use my imagination, i reckon this collab came about something like this.

Andy and Matt (Yolanda Be Cool) – “Yo Iason (Mason), u did that tune with the sickest baseline ever right?”

Iason – “Hey Guys. Yeah, that was me. That one really did exceed my expectations. Hey boys, you did that tune that was catchy as fuck but as annoying as hell right?”

Andy and Matt – “Yeah, that was us, but we no speak about that. It was also with our mate Cup, so you cant fully blame us.”

Iason – “Should we do a tune together..u know….meet in the middle somewhere – make a tune with a dope baseline and a really catchy hook – but try not to also be annoying?”

Andy and Matt – “Yeah, that sounds fun.”

And so Xylophobia was born – a meeting of quirk and solid groove.

And just for some consistency, Andy and Matt sent it (like they did, that other one), to their buddies Sunshine and Spacey Space– long time residents at Australia’s best club Revolver – figuring if it worked there, it had something.

They both gave glowing reports.

Now it’s yours also.