Yates – Mercury EP

To describe the music of Sweat newcomer Yates as anything but beautiful would be like failing to mention that water is wet. Inseparable descriptions – tautological even. 

Stunning. Captivating. Heavenly. I could add so many more adjectives of amazingness to describe the music of Yates but it’s I think you get the point. So, I’m just going to suggest you take a listen to Mercury – the title track from the debut EP by songwriter Benjamin Yates. Australian native but Berlin resident, Yates’ Mercury EP (the first chapter of what promises to be an enchanting musical career) drops March 2016.

 Even before his first official release, blogs are calling him the king of SOUP (a heartwarming mixture of Soul + Pop) – it’s live instrumentation yes – but incorporates electronic elements also – and most importantly – his soothing velvety vocals