Mickey Kojak – Alone EP

Suave New York businessman by day, crime-fighting bat by night; Mickey Kojak is neither of those things, but he does make tunes you can groove to.

From early beginnings as a classically trained pianist to composing experimental music, which involve a kettle, 3 mandarins and a ping-pong table, Mickey has jumped head first into the world of electronic music, ignoring the constrictions of predefined styles with the simple aim to make great music.

Mickey Kojak introduced himself to the world with an official remix for Rufus, and soon signed with legendary dance label Sweat It Out (AJAX, Yolanda Be Cool, Rufus). His first single “Feel My Pain” offers the nostalgia that comes from listening to an old-school house track, then brings you back to the present day with it’s new wave vibes. This is a fresh spin on the house revival that doesn’t adhere to any particular genre or style and instead stands on its own two feet. Coupled with Tazzy’s powerful vocals, this track insists that you stop whatever you are doing and bop your head side to side.