Monkey Safari – Those Dancing Days

Enough already!!! Djs, radio stations, label mates, bloggers and most peeps with a decent set of ears have been bugging me so hard for Sweat It Outs newest release Those Dancing Days by German duo Monkey Safari that i am about to explode like a bad case of ebola (was there ever a good case?)! Finally i can get this monkey off my back and present to you privileged few a magic slice of horn house more contagious than any Dehngi fever or Ross River Virus! If its throbbing bass, sax jacking horn badness isnt enough to move your bowels and erect your flailing limbs then you might want to prepare for its gospel break so heavenly and and feel good that your butt will be moving in ways your body had never imagined. Your coolness and dancefloor stance will be completely obliterated and all you will want to do is clap.

Fuck i love this song