Motez – Vancouver EP

I could try and sell you this EP by telling you how good Motez is. How he’s become a favorite of Disclosure. How he just toured with Destructo round the US.

I could probably get you really excited by telling you this EP is made for the clubs. How it doesn’t have any toplines looking for radio affection. How it’s kinda on the same tip as those initial tunes that slungshot him to the very top tier of house producers, attracting fans along the way such as Eats Everything, Claude Von Stroke, What So Not and Shadow Child.

It might help for you to know that this EP is tried and tested, and goes off. Or that based on the number of trainspotters when both tracks get played, they would be shazam hits (if shazam had any idea what the tracks were).

Or you could not believe any of the above, but follow Annie Mac‘s show and know that last Friday, Tryna Shake It got the worldwide premiere and both tracks got a huge thumbs up from Annie ( as well as early support from Tchami, Disclosure and Justin Martin).

I could drop a cool little bit of sentimental trivia and let you know that Tez added his own flavor with a nod to his original homeland with the use of some traditional Iraqi percussion on Tryna Shake It.

Or I could just be confident that when you take a listen to this EP, you gunna froth harder than a grommet out at 2 foot snapper on a school day (which means a lot).

Much love

Team Sweat