MSCLS + MoonDoctoR – Paradise EP

And while MSCLS and Moondoctor are 2 individual artist hailing out of Austin and Chicago respectively, listening to this collab EP, i can’t help but think that their names combined, aptly describe their music.

Yes, there is punch and bass and drive aka, some MSCL, but there is also this really tight percussive layer that wraps around a very smooth musical framework, aka some kind of musical health authority ticking everything off. Not to mention, Chicago is really in the house on these.

All 4 tunes on this EP deserve attention and could easily be singles in their own right. A good problem to have and no doubt shows why peeps like A Trak, Sinden, Treasure Fingers, Diplo, AC Slater and Zeds Deadare fans.

Fa reals…..these tunes are all burners