Option 4 – Activate EP

If you’ve ever been to Denver to DJ, chances are, you’ve played at one of Brennan’s parties, aka one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, aka OPTION 4. He always proudly tells us how many Aussies he’s hosted over the years and there can be no doubt that the strength of the Denver club scene owes a lot to him, his crew, and his passion for good club music.

Last year, after a gig, we stayed an extra day to go up the mountain and snow board. Unfortunately, a blizzard hit as we reached the top so rather than snow board, we spent the day trying to get back down the mountain. We also got to play demo after demo and it was agreed that day, OPTION 4’s strongest release would have to come out on SWEAT.

So here it is. A side ACTIVATE is a certified banger. It’s tried and tested, it’s a unique take on club music – it makes me think of what Baile Funk might have sounded like if it was made right now in Denver by a white guy. DOAUK is it’s melodic counterpart.

Together, they form the first of what we feel won’t be the end of a sweet association with Denver’s main man, OPTION 4.

Get your hands on it here!