option 4 – The Rise of the CatLord

There’s many ways to skin a cat. Or so the saying goes.

And with our boy OPTION 4, it can be certain that he, living up to his name, would never run with the most used of methods.

Indeed – when we started talking about this mini-album of his – which begins with the aptly named THE RISE OF THE CATLORD, our focus was well and truly on how can we skin this cat, so to speak, differently.

Deep in the trenches of Denver nightlife as he is, rather than run down roads already travelled, Brennan aka Option 4, pitched us, Sin City like, the tales of Denver, as seen through mini-cartoon story lines that each represent a standout character from the scene and at the same time interconnected with the tune in question.

Tarantino eat ya heart out, THE RISE OF THE CATLORD is the first in this drama and what we are calling the beginning of CARTOON CRUNK HOUSE, where music meets art meets a city wrapped in its naked sleaze.