Porsches – Blood To A Shark (Remixes)

Jaws was one of my childhood fav movies. It also scared the living shit out of me. I was already paranoid of sharks but the original really didn’t help. I definitely didn’t surf with a cut, that’s for sure.

But regardless, I was still super pumped to see Jaws 2, 3 and 4 (named the Revenge).

Kinda how i feel about the new PORSCHES – BLOOD TO A SHARK – in love with the original – we didn’t stop there. The studio kept asking for sequels – confused -we told them we were a record label and not trying to make a new JAWS series.

We did however, tell them we got remixes. Kinda like the sequel idea.

Up jumps Frenchman Mark Lower who does deep disco very very well, Club Sweat amigo Gerry Gonza who gives equal respect to both the original’s beauty and the kids needs to dance while TigerillaOk Sure and MOZA give their interpretations of what the people are calling chill trap and future beats.

Just like a candy store, something for everybody.

Grab it here