Robina – Truffle Shuffle EP

I wish I could go into all the details about the first time we heard “The Truffle Shuffle” byRobina but let’s just say it was at the end of a night that was exceptionally good for a number of reasons. The problem with that was, even though, at the time, I thought it was one of the best demos I’d ever heard – with spunk, originality, schtick and charisma – I was worried that maybe that had been influenced by just how good the night had been leading up to that point.

This worry wasn’t lessened by the time it took Mr Robina from Byron Bay to send me the link for daytime listening.

“Making a few tweaks” was all he would say until finally, many moons later, we received the demos (including the bside which I also knew – or thought I knew – was an out and out club mover).

16 bars in, fears relieved, what we’d heard still sounded amazing. Newcomer Robina has a bright future and it begins here with the Truffle Shuffle EP.

Get your hands on it here!