RÜFÜS – Like An Animal

Just weeks out from their first tour on home soil in over a year, RÜFÜS bring us ‘Like An Animal’, the 2ndsingle from their upcoming sophomore album. It’s everything you’d expect from this 3 piece who continue to pioneer their own clever blend of melodic pop-euphoria.

The official video accompanying the release is a collaboration between director Katzki, and visual artist Jack Vanzet. It is the band’s most immersive video yet, a psychedelic journey for three friends to an instinct-driven paradise.

‘Like An Animal’ has hooks for days, and we dare you not to sign along as they bring their live show back to AUS. You can catch RÜFÜS playing one of a number of shows around the country this October, where they’ll be joined by Sweat It Out mainstay Cassian, and breakout duo YUMA X, before they venture abroad again for their North American Tour (full dates below).

‘Like An Animal’ is another page in the beautiful story that is Tyrone, Jon and James aka RÜFÜS, and while we can’t tell you too much about the album just yet (release date // tracklist TBA) we sat lead singer Tyrone down to fill you in on as much as we’d let him:

“We just put all the cliches about second albums out of our minds and tried to write something that we would want to listen to right now. The title came pretty easily, even before we finished the album we knew we wanted to call it Bloom. It fitted where we were at with the music, and also where we were at creatively.”

‘Like An Animal’, the second single from RÜFÜS’ sophomore album, ‘Bloom’