RÜFÜS – You Were Right (Remixes)

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. But u can judge a band by the remixes they get right? And our boys from RÜFÜS are cool to the bone. So with that in mind, enter the first 2 remixes for “You Were Right” the first song from RÜFÜS’ eagerly anticipated sophomore album.

Up first are Berlin residents Catz ‘N Dogz(let’s not forget RÜFÜS spent 3 months there writing songs for this very album), who do to this mix, what tantra did to sex – the tension!!!!!!!!!!!! Ooh…the tension!!!!!!!! Tantric tech house to the max, this mix just builds and builds and builds and……

Not to be outdone, South African born, Swiss resident and consistent beatport chart hustlerNora En Pure steps up to the plate with her form of ouse. Melodic, piano infused, deep house with grunt. Classy AND clubby. Kinda like a shot that gets you drunk and tastes good.

And in case you don’t know your history…….

‘You Were Right’ is the first song the band wrote after returning home. A story of unrequited longing for someone, the song marked a turning point in the writing process for the follow up to the 2013 breakout hit ATLAS.

Vocalist Tyrone explains: “We got home after being away for 5 months, we’d spent the last part of that locked up in this special little apartment in Friedrichshain that we turned into our studio. But, it was so cold that we were rarely leaving the apartment….so coming home to summer in Sydney, being surrounded by the familiarity of everything that being home entails, we were suddenly approaching song writing in a different way, both technically and emotionally. We were able to unlock a different side to our writing.”

It’s like the new model of your favourite car. It’s still got everything you loved about the old model, it’s just better!!!

Kinda like our boys. Straight away, u know it’s them. But it’s got that fresh polish, that update (and we already thought they were perfect.)