Born in 2008, Sweat It Out is a Sydney-based record label started by the late and great AJAX. Together, along with our sister label, Club Sweat, we like to make you smile, dance and most importantly sweat. When we’re not releasing records, we’re throwing our infamous Sweat parties around the world. Sweat for life.



Dance Legend


Jamie Raeburn


When he’s not quadruple booking himself, he’s usually seen enjoying Scotch, listening to Stone Roses and sending emails written in Morse Code.

Danny T

Club Sweat Manager

We loved his music so much that we not only signed him, but we also hired him. Danny T: the Johnny Knoxville of club music.

Louisa Cornock


Intentionally deleted.
All rights reserved.

Amanda Jenkins

Head of PR

Way more organised than the Event Management team for the United Nations. Also a big fan of trance music.

Pete Combes

Head of Design

He’s not the beloved children’s music singer behind such hits as ‘Newspaper Mama’ and ‘Juicy Juicy Green Grass’, but he is the Sweat It Out and Club Sweat designer behind such artworks as ‘Ajax – I’m Hot’, ‘Yolanda Be Cool – Dance and Chant’ and 'Winston Surfshirt - Spongecake.'

Michael McCaskill

Digital & Marketing Manager

No one boosts a Facebook post quite like the office meme king Mike.
4 x Winner of the Internet. 2 x Chicken Wing Eating Champion.

Saskia Wass

PR Manager

You can’t spell ‘SASS’ without ‘SAS’ (and then add another ‘S’). And you can’t manage PR without aforementioned sass.

Jayden Collins

PR & Marketing Coordinator

Don't hate him because he supports Manchester United, love him because he supports the PR & Marketing backbone of Sweat It Out.

Angus Russell

A&R Manager (Publishing)

Angus aka ‘Toux’ or ‘LeToucan’ is not only blessed with a one of a kind nose, but ears that are finely tuned for your sonic pleasure. Having worked in A&R across indie and major labels, management and publishing, there is no doubting his knack for a track.

Gemma Hassall


Gemma interns so hard, that we're considering changing her name to Gemma Hassallthingsundercontrol.


Matt Handley

Director, A&R

Many know him as one of the masterminds behind one of the biggest dance tracks in the world… We know him as our guru of Vedic meditation, spiritual healing and Bondi. Namaste x

Nicky Night Time

A&R Manager

Armed with some of the best ears in the business, Nicky Night Time AKA Nicky Van She can find a hit as easily as he can write one.


Matt Jagger

European Consultant

Former CEO of Ministry of Sound Music Group and MD of Mercury Records, Matt now teaches Team Sweat everything he knows (which is a shitload).