Born in 2008, Sweat It Out is a Sydney-based record label started by the late and great AJAX. Together, along with our sister label, Club Sweat, we like to make you smile, dance and most importantly sweat. When we’re not releasing records, we’re throwing our infamous Sweat parties around the world. Sweat for life.




Jamie Raeburn


Our fearless leader doesn’t believe in putting subjects into new emails, but he does believe in drinking top shelf Scotch whiskey, communicating via morse code and discussing shoes at kick ons.

Matt Handley

Director, A&R

Many know him as one of the masterminds behind one of the biggest dance tracks in the world… We know him as our guru of Vedic meditation, spiritual healing and Bondi. Namaste x

Matt Nugent


If you want to know who engineered the high hats on Gang Starr's Step in the Arena record, Matt is your guy. Apart from knowing the entire history of hip hop from start to now, he also nails it as our COO.

Josh Kellett


Recently discovered Nirvana and now believes grunge is the hot new thing.

Amanda Jenkins


Manages to be more organized than the White House administration team whilst spending every day of her life listening to trance music.

Bianca Paris

Business Affairs Manager

Note: Bianca is NOT from Paris, but DOES manage all our business affairs.

Brian Lee

Legal Counsel

Intentionally deleted.
All rights reserved.

Izabela Milczarek


There’s a rumour that Bad Boy Entertainment are removing the song ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’ from all platforms after meeting Izabela.

Danny T


Hey Siri, play the Jackass theme. Our sister label, Club Sweat, is headed up by none other than Techno Jesus – the man who died for your synths.

Peter Combes


After making millions from his smash hits ‘Newspaper Mama’ and ‘Juicy Juicy Green Grass’, Peter has now semi-retired and spends his twilight years creating artwork and merch.

Bernie Flannery


We might not have got Bernie Sanders as President of the United States, but we did get Bernie Flannery as Marketing Manager of Sweat It Out. And that's still a win in our book.

Evie Preston

PR Manager

Evie used to be our coordinator, but she coordinated too hard and is now our PR Manager. You won't read a better press release than what she now cooks up for us on the reg.

Lowanna Wilson

Label Coordinator

Lowanna (pronounced like marijuana) is our backbone, and when she's not busy eating sore throat lozenges every Monday, she is usually spotted coordinating everyone around and generally holding the place up.

Angus Russell


Angus aka ‘Toux’ or ‘LeToucan’ is not only blessed with a one of a kind nose, but ears that are finely tuned for your sonic pleasure. Having worked in A&R across indie and major labels, management and publishing, there is no doubting his knack for a track.

Ben Miller

Promotions Manger

Outside of being our promotions guru, Ben 'Reggie' Miller (not to be confused with the American basketball star), spends his time searching for the perfect pair of 3/4 length boardshorts, makes club hits lying in his bed & fantasizes about the possibility of collaborating with 50 Cent one day...

Stephanie Polivka, Samantha Lando

Events & Touring

As the songbird of our generation once said ‘the party don’t start til I walk in.’ She actually wrote that about Steph and Sam, who head up our events & touring wing by day, and spend their nights as professional party-starters Banquet DJs.