Danny T – The Mean Baby

Danny T – The Mean BabyWhat the hell has Danny T got against women? First he gives the world Whine Your Waistline (featuring one of Sweat’s favourite sons Oh Snap), an ode to belly whinging and mum bum moaning often associated with um… er… er um chicks man. Now he presents to Sweat It Out theMEAN BABY ep. Now i may have this wrong, but i haven’t met too many irate infants in my time and I am pretty sure also Oh Snap wasn’ t talking about the Potbellyz either, nah definitely not! Danny is spelling it out loud and clear, he is seriously ticked over women. Now I haven’t seen him in a “wifebeater” that often ( a navy blue tank top / undergarment for those non AUS subscribers), nor have I seen him on any strict christian patriarchal forums dismissing females as witches but something is going on!

My question is why then, if he is ticked, does he present to us the Mean Babyep,?, a slab of horned up Chicago jack so god damn infectious and brilliant that the only perfect dancefloor mould for it is the female form! I mean fellas, this side to side swingenest house music Danny T gives us here is all about butt hips and boobs! it aint about your dick, your nuts, and your flailing limbs. It aint about your airmax, your loafers or your boatshoe timberland mocksiders. This is about tappin toe heel hips and dips, dress whips. Its horny as hell (literally) and is jammed full of amorous avocados not bloody beetroots.

Ladies, Danny maybe ticked but hes sure got a funny way of showin it!