Todd Edwards – No Place Like London EP

Todd Edwards – No Place Like London EPStop Press. Sweat It Out has officially sold out to the Olympics, left behind its tropical blends only to bend completely topical! But before you shoot us like a clay pigeons , check out the real eagle we have on the cut! The one and only Todd Edwards

No Place Like London was first dropped on BBC Radio 1 pretty much at the time of Beijing olympics , but lucky for us it never got released. Sure you can scour the internet for 2 minute radio rips and get a little taste much like bronze , but this shit ere is well dare i say it ummm…golden! Its a swingin dickesnsian grime ridden vocoded piece of honest pow tech! And no that aint no genre, our man todd is a trendbender who has riddled us over the years with over 60 singles from 1992 onwards.

oh and of course if that wasnt enough, what about 8 albums, and literally hundreds of remixes with the likes of Justice, Klaxons, Surkin, Hot Chip, Spank Rock, and Phoenix all receiving the his gift,

not to mention of course his collaboration with royalty, Daft Punk?!His mad vocals and co-production skills on Face-to-Face (appearing on 2004s Discovery) helped the track rapidly ascend to #1 on the Billboard charts! (its the song your girlfriend likes…um no offence girls i like it too)

With the Olympics in now full swing (uuuurghh) its nice to get a real slice of the real london, ironically brought to you from L.A (his home base) via Sydney (sweat Office) in an all Olympic city affair