Trinidad – Savor EP

I always remember this quote by Jamie Jones when he was asked in an interview what he thought of Skrillex. His answer was that while it wasn’t for him, he thought it was great because if it got people into electronic music, then maybe a few years down the track, those same kids would come looking for him. When i listen to this amazing EP by Switzerland’s Trinidad, I can’t help but think of this quote and think that maybe the next step for these kids, after Skrill and after (or in conjunction with) Jamie, would be to lose themselves to these kinda jams.

This is soulful, emotive, musical house made with real feelings. The whole ep makes me want to close my eyes and swirl around on some big expansive dance floor in a forest somewherein the alps of Switzerland. It’s also just sounding amazing in my headphones while i write this.

With their careers starting as residents at the Round Table Knight’s famed club Bonsoir, it’s nor that surprising that these guys are that good.

Check it out here!