Vhyce – Voivodiene

Okay i am going to keep this real simple. This track is so undeniably hot i am not going to pepper it with an amusing anecdote or witty tale. I am not going to get caught up in music vernacular or try to give it credence through descriptive language. And even though it is quite obviously the freshest future house music you have heard, i am not going to tell you that. I mean, really, who would say freshest future house music. Yes its got the balkan bounce , yes its got the glitch and its got the midget but telling you this would just cheapen this insanely hot Vhyce Ep.

Whenever anyone comes over to my house for a bit of an after party and everyone wants to play their favourite tunes, you know when only a minute of a track gets played and everyones got their macs out trying to out volume each other….(probably the best gauge for quality to see what really stands out) …Vyhce reigns supreme. No one turns it off, no interruptions, every one just shuts their mouths in fascination for this twisted glorious belgian’s grooves.

I am really dumbfounded with how much i adore this guy. And i am not the only one. Yolanda Be Cool have come off their stupid hectic schedule to remix our beloved as have hot super duo rainbows of Death who master a brilliant nu disco interpretation of our beloved. Not to mention Femme En Fourrure….who keep it oh so tech cool.

Yes it may sound like i have some serious man love going on and you would be right. Listen to it and I am sure you will have some too fruity.