What So Not – 7 Dollar Bill EP

And in the beginning there was man. And man set forth upon the planet. Through forests,  jungles and oceans: From snow capped peaks and swamped mangroves through dusty plains.
He travelled long endless journeys through endless terrains, deserts  golden and rolling green hills faded.
He fumbled fire, and learnt  tools, his words,  stumbled like his path.  And he learned music.

You maybe asking right now why am I unleashing such contrived homme vomit on your good reading eyes!  Well I felt it such a grand entrance and relevant theme to introduce Sweat It Out’s latest addition What So Not!  Straight up this act  is pure primal-
Hailing from the  sandstone bedrock that is Sydney, this duo (one half skyrocketing electronic act FLUME, one half flaming dj rocket EMOH INSTEAD) have presented an ep that sounds like a soundtrack to the earth being formed! But you aint gonna stand around like Richard Attenborough and comment it! This is a musical feast that makes you want to shake your ass in all things geological and primordial, representing so many swaggering degrees of emotion and staggered force it will hypnotise you. Yes as the title suggests its a little ghetto,but its as if Redman had taken over Sir Richard’s  commentary to really capture the weight of the spectacle.

Straight up when people come over to my house for a party and we all get our chat on this is the first thing i put on, probably one of the best and most accomplished things we have released on sweat!

If u dig Douster, Crookers, Switch (and indeed Diplo and Major Lazor)  your gonna luurrrrrve this!