Yolanda Be Cool – Change EP

Yolanda Be Cool – Change EPThe new and first ever Yolanda Be Cool album ” Ladies and Mentalmen” will be about AU $25.95.
Its an album completely varied and genre busting, packed with cameos and sweet collabs that picking any type of singles from it almost came to blows. We loving it here at Sweat, and the best thing is regardless of how much you pay for it, guaranteed no questions asked, you will still get “Change”!

Now before you go off and trade in your Spike Lee dvd collection let me just make it clear ” Change” is in fact a sneaky release we are doing off Ladies and Mentalmen , featuring the spitfire stylings of Nola Darling, not any kind of monetary renumeration! Now to avoid further confusion its not Nola darling the character from Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It” but the hot new duo hailing from L.A via Haiti and St Lucia. Think Azelia Banks but doubled up and double dutched by the tweakings, patches and bass driven cross hatches of Yolanda Be Cool.

Its a ballsy confident stroke played by the boys who have, instead of resting on their laurels, basically dousted it with petrol and set it alight. “Change” is a more grimey club ridden affair, more at home in a destructo house party than , umm well anything really. And as that song comes to a close you can simply flip it and lay down the b side glitch stepper hot techer ” Laugh A Little” to keep the jam in full swing.

Yolanda Be Cool’s extended tourings and worldwide travels over the past twelve months have truly infused the group with an all exciting vision, devoid of mediocrity and best represented in the future singles and album we all eagerly await!

Now gimme my change