Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP – ‘Sugar Man’

The Olympics come around every 4 years. And if you were to go off the (ir)regularity of YBC and DCUP collabs, so too do releases by these guys. So fuck it, the Olympics are on and you now have in your hands what could (by people that like to talk things up) be called the follow up to the last tune these guys did together. If they were in Italy last time, seems this time they are in the US of A, Detroit to be exact.

In 1997, South African Stephen “Sugar” Segerman set up a website called “The Great Rodriguez Hunt,” hoping to find the man behind the 1971 album “Cold Fact,” which in South Africa, had made him more famous than Elvis. Though rumored to have committed suicide on stage, Rodriquez was eventually found living an unassuming life in Detroit. The following year, post re-discovery, he went on to tour South Africa to huge acclaim.

He may be the man looking for the sweet stuff right here…

So give it up for Sugar Man – we all know what it’s like to wait for him…

Available now on iTunes!